Books and Retrospectives


NEW RELEASE : Vincent WardInhale | Exhale. Large format. Full color reproductions of Vincent Wards artwork from his 2011-2012 exhibitions (Breath Govett Brewster Art Gallery, Inhale | Exhale Gus Fisher Gallery and Pah Homestead, Auckland Station Shanghai Biennale) Hard Cover: 180 pages. Available in all good book stores in New Zealand or purchase here.

Dan Fleming, Making the Transformational Moment in Film, Unleashing the power of the image, with the films of Vincent Ward. Paperback large format: 236 pages. Available (new): Amazon, Kindle.

Vincent Ward, The Past Awaits, people, images, film. Large format, full colour photographic book of images and stories (published  in New Zealand by Craig Potton Publishing, 2010). Hard Cover: 212 pages. Sold Out. more

Vincent Ward, Edge of the Earth: Stories and Images from the Antipodes (Auckland: Heinemann Reed, 1990).  Hardback: 185 pages. Available (used):

Vincent Ward, The Navigator, A Medieval Odyssey.  Screenplay (Faber and Faber: 1989). Paperback: 93 pages. Available (used):