Book Launch ‘The Past Awaits’

The Past Awaits, a new book by Vincent Ward will be launched on November 14th 2010 in his home town of Greytown.
In this book of pictures and stories Vincent draws on his imagery and honest reflection to trace his film-making  journey from a remote Maori community, to the Arctic and on to Los Angeles.

Acclaimed German director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club and Paris, Texas) said of the book “Magnificent” and “I don’t know if ever a book of pictures and stories moved me so much like Vincent Ward’s The Past Awaits. It will go into my suitcase for that lonesome island…”

Fellow New Zealand director Cheap NFL Jerseys Sir Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong) said ‘To read The Past Awaits is to take a journey into the imagination of Vincent Ward’ and that ‘The images have a power and strength that goes way beyond the context of the film they belong to.”

The Past Awaits will be in book stores in New Zealand from November 2010.
See The Past Awaits for more information on the launch and book.

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