“A film maker with a big future. Nothing…in this haunting, original film is run-of-the-mill. …A work of fresh and unusual talent.”


“A simple, beautifully etched fable of faith and perseverance…told with elegant conviction…a great and charismatic adventure.”

New York Post

“…gradually draws you in and then holds you in thrall. It’s a spellbinder. A visionary film of rare courage and imperishable heart.”

American Rolling Stone

“…thrilling fantasy that places Ward…among the most innovative and authoritative young film makers.”

New York Times

“Wondrous…a bold, provocative piece of cinema. Rich with primitive images of earth, fire and water, drawing us into a medieval world so that we enter our own century with fresh eyes.”

Sunday Times, London

“The revelation of Edinburgh’s first 7 days has been Ward’s The Navigator… Ward gives it the visionary force and conviction of an heroic myth.”

Observer, London

“The magical touch of a true film artist illuminates every frame…a remarkable film…an enthralling sense of mystery…a touch of humor… The faces and performances of each actor bring a strong breath of reality into this fantasy. It is a rare feat of imagination that shames the usual run of the predictable science fiction movies.”

San Franciso Chronicle

“beguiling, surprising and original … a film of great warmth and camaraderie”

Los Angeles Times

“A remarkable feature from director Vincent Ward… because of its absorbing story that links medieval fears and fortunes to our times, while confirming Ward as an original talent”

Variety Magazine

“An impressive epic, an astounding masterwork. The juxtaposition of black and white and colour is not just a gimmick – it’s a work of art.”

Hollywood Reporter

“On many levels The Navigator is a masterpiece. The performances have all the rich grim humour of the medieval world.”

The Eastern Herald

“Vincent Ward has a rare and individual talent as a filmmaker. Every shot in The Navigator has been painstakingly constructed, and they’re almost all striking with an elemental beauty.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“A complex dazzling film, ambitiously conceived and confidently executed … filled with fine performances, outstanding cinematography, pathos, perception and yes, even humour.”

Sunday Herald