“A startling epic of seduction! Brave, passionate and wildly beautiful! Brilliant!”

Los Angeles Times — Michael Wilmington

Two children, Avik and Albertine, both cultural outsiders are drawn together by their shared sense of irreverent fun. A friendship which unfolds into a fierce love amidst both the heady freedoms and the terrors of a foreign war.

A chance encounter with map maker Walter Russell will change Avik, the Inuit boy’s life forever. Realising that Avik is suffering from tuberculosis, Walter takes him far from his native home in the Arctic to the  South of Canada for treatment. It is here that Avik meets Albertine, a half French Canadian half Indian girl, for whom he will cross oceans and the ravages of war torn Europe to be, only to discover that their cultures are the most difficult spaces to traverse…

Directed by Vincent Ward, from his own story, with screenwriter Louis Nowra. Starring Jason Scott Lee, Anne Parrilaud, Patrick Bergin and John Cusack.