“Best film of the year.”

Gene Siskel – Chicago Tribune

“10 out of 10 ! A movie you have to see, if you value the best that modern, creative, intelligent cinema has to offer.”

Gary Franklin – KCOP Television, Los Angeles

“A marvelous breakthrough! A film of incantatory intensity and moment, by a prodigiously gifted young filmmaker.”

Hal Hinson – Washington Post

“Brilliant! A startling epic of seduction! Brave, passionate and wildly beautiful!”

Michael Wilmington — Los Angeles Times


Suzan Cranger — CNN & American Movie Classics

“Extraordinary ! This is what movies are all about. this is why we love movies!”

Steve Erickson — LA Weekly

“Grand, noble and boldly imaginative. Breathtaking! It is not too soon to call Vincent Ward one of film’s great image makers.”

Jay Carr – Boston Globe

“Astonishing . . . Audacious !”

David Stratton — Variety

“A visual feast . . . A must-see ! Prodigious and refreshing originality”

Peter Thompson — Sunday, Nine Network

“Majestic. . . Alluring an exotic cocktail of glittering myth”

Peter Castaldi — Review ABC TV

“Two thumbs up, way up ! The first really great movie of the year!”

Gene Siskel – Siskel & Ebert

“A magical love story moving and visionary and original !”

Roger Ebert – Siskel & Ebert

“Vincent Ward’s movie wins through. Stunning photography and constant sense of poetry”

Sheridan Morley – Sunday Express