This site was produced by Wayward Films Ltd and its sister company Vincent Ward Films Ltd.


Mr Snow is the web master of this site. He prefers his site to be seen but not a sight of him seen.  His company House of Laudanum designs web venues for artists, writers and musicians. He is both an artist and an artists’ technician.

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Lani Feltham has acted as the principal facilitator for this site. She is manager of Wayward Films.

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Emma Mortimer is a photoshop artist for this site, and also acts as a researcher for Wayward Films.

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Alannah Fencker has been responsible for choosing the key images from Vincent’s films. She as also lent her artist hand to enhancing many of the Alien 3 images. She is a photographer and artist.

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Stephen Ellis drew a number of the newer images from Vincent’s remembered concepts for Alien 3. He is a freelance story board artist and illustrator.

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Mike Worrall did many of the original works for Alien 3, developing them from Ward’s concepts. He is an artist and illustrator.


Ray Sharp contributed to the choice of images in the Motion Painting section. He is a designer, known principally for his work as a creative director.

Josh Rosen greatly contributed to the creation of images used from What Dreams May Come in the paradise section. He is a visual effects creative director and artist.

Joel Hynek contributed to the site by providing support and locating some of the images from What Dreams May Come, on which he worked as the principle visual effects supervisor.

George Ritchie has painted a number of the newer Alien 3 images many are from scratch and some build on existing drawings by Mike Worrall and Stephen Ellis. George is an artist who works primarily creating matte paintings and visual effects for film.

David Mosqueda has contributed to the enhancement of the Alien 3 drawings. He is a visual effects compositor and designer.

Graeme Cooper has contributed to the enhancement of the Alien 3 drawings. He is a artist and graphic designer.

Dan Jackson assisted with Motion Painting and Optical Flow research for this site. He is a guitarist and emerging filmmaker.

Mark Robertson is an music video director, animator, performance artist and manages an online art community and event company. Mark animated the motion painting sequences of birds.

Chrissie Ianssen assisted with the content fill and site structure. She is an artist and teaches visual communication in the field of architecture.