“Stunning” “A haunting historical epic… Masterful”

Hollywood Reporter.

“Emotionally rewarding… powerful… and heart wrenching… visual and aural artistry at work.”


“Deeply personal and incredibly moving film.”

Sydney Film Festival

The full emotional impact took a while to register with me – long enough that the tears didn’t start until half way through the credits. I’d need to see it again before making the call about “masterpiece” or not, but it certainly felt like that, standing numb in the Wellington rain after the Film Festival screening.

Dan Slevin, Capital Times, Wellington

This is the most poetic and resonant film that this wonderful writer-director has produced. Rain of the Children is a maddening, haunting, moving and extraordinarily watchable film.

GRAEME TUCKETT, The Dominion Post, Wellington

One of the most moving films to come out of New Zealand cinema.

National Radio

This film is like nothing else you will ever see – a stunning blend of docu-drama, cultural history, and detective story as Ward attempts to solve the mystery of Puhi’s life. A thing to be treasured.

Cliff Tayla, Herald on Sunday, Auckland

Ethereal blend: Vincent Ward’s mix of interviews, old footage, still photos and dramatic recreations combine to hypnotic effect in Rain of the Children.

Trust Vincent Ward to turn what could have been a dry, historical documentary into an engrossing, enlightening and evocative journey.

Known for his dream-like imagery and heartfelt storytelling, Ward’s latest film plays to those strengths, while taking the docu-drama to new levels of adventurous, artistic endeavour.

James Croot, The Press, Canterbury