The surprise strength is Ward’s paintings of female nudes. With their dramatic, ambiguous baroque gestures, and the rich rippling surfaces that coat the models skin as a film they are violent yet celebratory, as if part of some strenuous ritual. The emotional turbulence of these works tugs and turns you around, like a dark contemporary version of Renoir.<br cheap nfl jerseys />

Public Gallery Solo Exhibitions

New Zealand’s entrant to the Shanghai Biennale:
SHANGHAI BIENNALE City Pavilion Solo Station Show
October 2012

Former Union Church
The Bund – Shanghai

Twin exhibitions at:
TSB  WALLACE ARTS CENTRE, Pah House, July 2012
Inhale | Exhale

December 2011 – February 2012
Breath: the fleeting intensity of life

Dealer Gallery Exhibitions

Mark Hutchins Gallery, March «Русский 22 – April 14 2012
Wehi: where fear and awe collide

[Ward’s work] coalesces photography, oil painting and digital imaging and is presented alongside a choreographed wholesale china jerseys passage of filmic vignettes. Ward’s ongoing concerns with metamorphosis, falling, light, fear, memory, darkness and the transformative moment have led him to create a series of vast, physically imposing works that delve into other-worldly landscapes and transcendent states, to evocations of loss, redemption and unconscious realms.
Rhana Devenport,

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